watch. listen. in the heights.

You should know that while I do enjoy a straight play immensely, I love a musical. In fact, I’m 90% sure that life is a musical. I express my condolences to those that don’t hear the songs or know the dance…and I offer my apologies to those who are innocently pulled in to mine.

It stands to reason that of all the awards shows broadcast on television, my favorite is the Tony Awards. Some years, the airing slips by without me knowing, and I hate that because the quality of the show is so excellent. Perhaps this is because we get to see stage performers on stage doing what they do best.  Thankfully, I did not miss the 2008 Tony Awards.

I’m not sure if it was the “96000” number itself, the fact that the musical won the awards for best choreography, best score, best orchestrations, and best musical, or Lin-Manuel Miranda’s story and acceptance speech that made the greatest impression. I just knew I had to see In The Heights.  While in New York a few weeks ago, I had the privilege of moving onto a street corner of Washington Heights and becoming a part of the community, and we only had to travel as far as W 46th Street and the Richard Rogers Theatre. I cannot tell you what a rush the whole experience was. 

The musical itself met and surpassed every high expectation I had. The emulsion of Latin and urban sound together with every movement, from the pedestrian to the pirouette, welcomed me to the neighborhood. I think I even comprehended Spanish when the only language I ever studied was German. And what a talented cast! I am convinced they have more fun than anyone else on Broadway and maybe the West End too.

intheheights2Unlike blockbusters like Wicked (which I saw this weekend and will have to review later), elaborate special effects were not missed in In The Heights. Every employed element down to the light of a cell phone made this presentation real. 

Elphaba and Dorothy both told us “there’s no place like home”, but In The Heights moves the statement to our corner of the world and explains the deep truth.

Take a train to the top the world
and I’m there I’m home!”

See, I told you life is a musical.


Add these to your To Do list.

  • See In The Heights wherever you can. Still running at Richard Rodgers Theatre, and the tour starts October 2009! 
  • Watch (and/or record) the documentary on PBS Wednesday, May 27 at 8/7pmCT.
  • Watch the Tony Awards on CBS Sunday, June 7 at 8/7pmCT.

A To Do Tip: Pay close attention to the performance time. We believed the show began an hour later than it actually did and realized our error in the nick of time. By some miracle, we made it to our seats as the curtain opened.


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