give. thank your mother.

I have on several occasions expressed to my friends and coworkers how proud I am of my mother for keeping up with technology. In fact, when some struggle to find their way around keyboard or to manipulate a mouse, my mom has her own website and mentioned the other day that she may just have to join Twitter! She can make Google jump through hoops to find things I didn’t think existed on the internet or even on the planet. This is what teaching high school students (and doing it well) does I guess – forces you to keep up with all the trends and advances. It also keeps you young.

This, of course, is only one of the many things I love about my mother who taught me that there is no excuse to not know something. Before we were using search engines, we were pulling encyclopedias off the shelf daily.  Most questions had an answer, but more importantly, it was ok to admit that some answers, especially the ones to the deeper, bigger questions, would remain a mystery.

In honor of all our mothers and in an effort to keep up with all the technological advances, do something a little silly but special. Go to the Moms Rising website. Click on the Mom’s a Star link (or here) to send your mother or any mother a special video!

If you just want to watch the generic version, click here, but trust me; it’s funnier when personalized.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of you!

(A brief disclaimer: I don’t know much about the MomsRising Organization; I just thought video was great. Read about them for yourself if you would like to know more.)


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