to do by emily.

After a couple of months of my stories and recommendations, I thought I would offer someone else’s perspective. I hope to post something similar from time to time, so enjoy the first guest-authored “To Do List.”

To Do by Emily…

watch. Newest guilty pleasure- Real Housewives of New Jersey!
listen. Can’t get enough of Live 100.5 and any Pandora station I created.  But alas, IT took away streaming audio. Currently I am playing some old school David Gray, but I love the new Lily Allen– It’s Not Me It’s You
read. All of the Twilight books, all the Harry Potter books, and my all time favorite Pat Conroy novel-Beach Music
shop. Lotus Boutique at the Riverchase Galleria-just discovered this cute gem tucked away next to Jessica McClintock upstairs!  I also enjoy the sale rack at Soca.
learn. I want to learn to speak Italian again, I want to learn more about stationary and graphic design, and I want to learn how to run and manage my own little business.
eat. Always!  I am enjoying this cute wing place by our apartments in Vestavia-Buffalo’s.  But if you want really good Italian at a great price – GianMarco on Broadway. Mmmmmm
give. I like giving back to places that have given me so much.  Dawson and Samford.  I wish I could give to any and every organization, but I try to run as many races as possible that are connected with a charity.
create. The city has so many options for creativity. Pottery, paintings, even cement pies if you know the right people!
play. I am a sucker for a good playground and Homewood Park is one of my favorites.  Wald Park in Vestavia is pretty nice too with excellent shade.
visit. The Library! It has been too long for me personally but I really like the Homewood Library.  I also love Aldridge Gardens in Hoover.  It has a nice 1/2 mile path around the lake and it’s a nice escape off a busy road that you forget is there waiting for you to discover.
save. Money! Stay in and have a bake off one night.  I know a few girls that make a tart apple pie and meatloaf cupcakes!

Emily is a Georgia native transplanted to Birmingham, dedicated worker, fabulous friend, and one of the quicker wits in town.


One response to “to do by emily.

  • Mae

    I love 100.5 and all of the Twilight and Harry Potter books! You have great taste!

    Amy, good idea letting people post their to do’s!!!
    Maybe I’ll see you Sunday!

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