watch. dear lemon lima.


Dear Lemon Lima,

Yes, Dear Lemon Lima, I do love you. You were a highlight of  Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival this weekend. Though some may say I should have outgrown rainbows, hearts, and cloud-watching long ago, you reminded me that I can have my cupcake and eat it too. Because despite the fact that I have lost my adolescent awkwardness (well, honestly, just some of it), I still recognize and remember all the members of Team F; they were my friends. So I confidently say, if Vanessa, Nothing, Samantha, and the rest have anything in common with my friends, they have great things in store for them. The Growling Grizzlies won’t even see that coming either!

Thanks for helping me remember the passion, the friendships, and the important lessons. Keep it up Dear Lemon Lima!

Your friend,

Dear Everyone Else,

If you are anywhere near a screening of this film, and you have any interest in, attachment to, or memory of your 13 year old self, see this film. Not only is it beautiful and smart, the story is well-told and totally worth your while. All the themes of good young adult literature are found here too – love, passion, identity, labels, death, healing, change – and here they come to life in saturated pastels. You’ll laugh and cry, and if you are lucky, you’ll find a little piece of you in there, forgotten or hiding. If you do, invite that piece back into your everyday. We will all be better for it.

Watch the trailer, and be on the lookout for a screening near you.


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