play. 2010 olympic games.

I’m incredibly fond of the Olympics. Honestly, I’m not good at being a committed fan of most sports season after season; it would demand more attention than I have to give. However, every 2 years I can give 2 weeks to being a fan of the world. I know it sounds cheesey, but how can you not be moved (to tears even) when representatives from around the world pursue their dreams together and perform with excellence.

Today marks 100 DAYS until the Opening Ceremony in Vancouver.


And while I’m at it, it’s a little under 1000 DAYS until the 2012 Summer Games in London!


(Even though this logo reminds me of a pair of Jams I wore in the 1980s, I’m confident I will still love the city and the games.)

There will be more posts on the Olympics in due time, but I hope this builds a sense of excitement for you. If not, check out the clips from this mornings’ NBC Today Show for interviews with with hopefuls and previews of the uniforms!


Go Team USA! Go World!


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