give. for a cure.

Tis the season to give thanks. I realize that gratitude is not reserved for a Thursday in November, but in the spirit of the season, I am focusing on ways we can give in light of all our blessings. So, here is the first…



Even if you are not familiar with UAB’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, chances are you are familiar with cancer and its effects. A glance back into the relatively recent past reveals just how much we have learned about cancer and how far treatment has come. This disease that attacks on many fronts is still an ugly monster, but it is not as deadly as it once was thanks to brilliant and dedicated individuals and groups. However, research, treatment, and care are not free. Finding a way to help support research and care is really a way to help people.

(For more information on cancer than you ever wanted to know, visit the website of the National Cancer Institute.)

This week only, November 9-15th, Birmingham area locations have joined together to make your dessert their donation to the Comprehensive Cancer Center! Could giving to a great cause be any more tempting? So make a lunch date and splurge on dessert. You can be confident that your “donation” is staying in your community.

If you don’t live in Birmingham, AL or you miss this week’s event, there are other ways to make contributions. In fact, once you start searching it seems like there are infinite ways. Run a Race. Donate online. You can text a $5 donation to the American Cancer Society. You can even bake for a cure. Just watch for opportunities throughout the year. So find the way that fits you best and fight for a cure.

If you already have a favorite method, please share!


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