give. thank a veteran.


It’s Veterans Day. Not to be confused with Memorial Day which honors those who lost their lives in service, Veterans Day offers us a chance to say “thank you” to those who served, sacrificed, and contributed and are still here to tell their stories.

Locally there have been several opportunities to celebrate this occasion, and today the celebration culminates in this year’s edition of the nation’s largest and longest-running Veterans Day parade.

Here are some other ways you can celebrate and say thank you:

  • Meet, greet, and thank any veteran you see – today and any other day.
  • Ask to hear a veteran’s story. Perhaps you have a family member or friend that you know served our country and has a great story to tell. If they are willing to share that story, take the time to listen; it will be worth it.
  • Support the VFW or the USO. Donate your time or money.
  • Educate others. There are great tips and lesson plans on the internet. Try this as starting point.
  • Treat a veteran to dinner (or help them take advantage of other discounts). Several restaurants and businesses are offering free meals or special discounts to veterans. Here are a few.  

Birmingham is also home to the Alabama Veterans Memorial. The complex located just off of I-459 at Liberty Park honors both living and lost veterans. Group tours can be arranged or you can visit on your own. Unfortunately, the non-profit Alabama Veterans Memorial Foundation that supports the park is struggling right now as so many of us are, and it could use your help to complete the vision.  

My sincere gratitude to all of you who have served. May we all continue to live in such a way that we “earn this.”


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