give. the not forgotten.

A few years ago, I started hearing stories about former Peruvian street boys whose big smiles and bigger hearts had captured the devotion of some dear friends. The stories have not stopped since, and that is one of the greatest strengths about what has become Not Forgotten. With a promise and passion, the founders of this now non-profit organization aim to continually serve and love an otherwise lost group of boys.

 Photo by Robert Scott

Since I have yet to make the trek to Puerto Alegria myself, I think it best that I point you to those that have. They can communicate most clearly their mission and the effect that children a continent away can have on a day-to-day life that returns changed.

Visit the website and the blog. Browse the pictures and watch the videos.

If these boys capture your heart too, you can get involved in a number of ways. In addition to the ways listed on the website, there are occasional art shows where jewelry, paintings, photographs and other items are available for purchase. All proceeds are used for travel, supplies, and support of these boys who are not forgotten.

Here is my recent purchase:


Painting by Allison Fuqua

If you are interested in purchasing any artwork or jewelry, leave a comment and let me know. I’ll be sure to connect you to the artists!


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