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If necessity is the mother of invention, then procrastination and hoarding could be an aunt and uncle. There I was on the floor of the guest bedroom quickly wrapping a gift at the last minute and wanting something other than curling ribbon or store bought bows to finish it off, when I looked around and saw a bag of balloons. (The embarrassing detail here is that the balloons are entirely too old to use for their original purpose. They have been in my craft supply boxes and bags since I was making balloon hair bows in the 1980s.) Ten minutes later, I had something like this:

 I’ve now used this flourish on several gifts and the recipients have been complementary. Now that I have it figured out it takes no time at all! I am somewhat proud of this creative moment, but not too proud to share it with those who are out of bows and down to deflated balloons. (Doesn’t everyone have deflated balloons from 1988 under the bed?)

  1. Gather about 10 balloons (depending on the size of the “bow” you are making) and hold them so that the openings of the balloons are gathered together.
  2. Use 1 additional balloon to tie them together near the gathered openings and orient the tied balloon so that it is in line with the others.
  3. Arrange the “bow” and tape it to your gift.

Here is a picture of one other holiday detail I thought I would share. Each year I like to give ornaments to my coworkers. It is a small token, but I have really grown to love gift-giving in recent years. I enjoy the preparation and the secrecy and the joy on the faces of those to whom I’m giving. My favorite piece of this gift is finding just the right clipart background for the tag each year. I know, I know…but again, it’s the little things!



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