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If I had resolved that 2010 would be 20blogmore10, the 2 meager posts from January would be a clear indication that I had not kept my resolution.  Fortunately, my resolutions, if you can call them that, were unrelated to the blogosphere.  

As you may have noticed, I have grown accustomed to inserting a resolution or theme (or really anything) between the numbers 20 and 10. I find it incredibly amusing for some reason, and surprisingly, this running gag has not become trite in the least. I share this so that you too can appreciate my recently realized theme for the year: 20budget10.

I know. It seems that all we read, see, hear, even smell & taste these days is about money… how to earn it, save it, and stretch it. I commiserate with those of you who can’t decide which is more unpleasant: discussing money issues or hearing fingernails on a chalkboard. However, a friend recently shared with me a website that somehow manages to make learning about personal finance appealing. Yes, I said, appealing. LearnVest.com (a clever amalgamation of LEARN, EARN, and INVEST that combine to make captain… well, you know) is so aesthetically pleasing, it is more akin to visiting a candy store than irs.gov or even your beautifully branded bank site.

LearnVest.com is the brilliant idea of Alexa von Tobel, a Harvard University student who, like many of us, realized the need for personal finance education, and unlike many of us, has found a way to fill the knowledge gap!  The site launched just a few months ago and already has so much support.

This resource is full of tool, tips, and calculators, great articles and checklists for everything! And here, they are all written in plain English rather than that dialect known only to tax assessors, bankers, and loan officers. (You know the one.)

Did you just start a new job? Try this.
Do you want to budget for a vacation? a party?
Did you lose a job?
Are you considering buying a home?

The canon of information goes on and on! 

As with many things (i.e. watching LOST or reading James Joyce) you can go as deep as you want to. You may just visit on occasion for answers to specific questions. You may want to sign up for daily emails. But, you may want to take full advantage of what the site offers and sign up as a member. Who knew that learning personal finance could be fun?!

So whether, 2010 is 20budget10 for you or not, I hope that this resource can help you through these tight times of change.  Also, if you need additional help with actually creating a budget spreadsheet, I found the template for my personal budget at Microsoft.com and adjusted it to fit my needs.


One response to “learn. save. visit. learnvest.com

  • Allison Fast

    Amy–Thanks for the great review! We’re trying hard to bring this important topic to life in a fun and engaging way and your analogy to visiting a “candy store” shows we’re getting there. We have a ton of new tools and features rolling out in the next month so keep an eye out!

    Best, Allison

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