save. your receipts.

“Do you want a copy of your receipt?”  
YES, you do. Even if you don’t need a copy for your records, that receipt might be worth something. Get a copy, and read it! Many businesses, especially fast food restaurants, offer incentives for completing surveys.

Here is an example from one of my favorites, Moe’s.  

The bottom of my receipt at a recent visit offers a free cookie if I complete survey.  

It took me 3 minutes to go to the website and complete questions like these:

For this particular survey, I was asked to enter my email address.  Immediately, I received a code by email that I can redeem on a future trip.

Some Tips
Pay attention: Don’t miss the offers and discounts. I know of offers from Moe’s, Chickfila, Cheesecake Factory, and GAP, Inc. stores, but I’m sure there are more.
Weigh the worth: A free cookie may not be enough for you, but a Chickfila sandwich might be a pretty sweet deal.
Be honest: For the sake of the survey, be accurate in rating your experiences. What do you have to lose?
Stay organized: Keep up with your codes and coupons. Some codes are given at the end of the survey. Some arrive via email.
Be time-sensitive: Your offer may expire or you may be limited to one freebie a month. Different establishments have different policies.

Have you found a GREAT OFFER on a receipt? Please share!


4 responses to “save. your receipts.

  • Sheikilya

    I just recently lost a receipt for a free appetizer at O’Charley’s (where kids–even all 3 of mine) eat free. I’m so bummed about it and convinced that sleep deprivation is the culprit.

  • Emily

    I hear what your saying and I know I should do these things yet somehow I toss my receipt out every time. To Do by Amy is going To Remind this Emily!

  • Debbie Mize

    McAlister’s also has random coupons on their receipts. It is a $3.00 off coupon for completing the survey.

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