eat. frozen yogurt, the comeback.

Picture this. It’s 90 degrees if you can find shade in Alabama. Humidity is high. There is very little breeze. You have seriously considered jumping into the water feature at the shopping center during your lunch break.

The classic cool down is usually ice cold lemonade or sweet tea, but if that isn’t cutting it for you, never fear. There will be soon be froyo on EVERY corner. Yes, I said “froyo” and yes, I said EVERY corner. Birmingham is about to burst with frozen yogurt options.

In the good ole days, going for frozen yogurt meant gathering a few friends, driving through the passenger side drive thru, and ordering a cup of white chocolate mousse from TCBY. It’s been a stalwart business in this town for years, surviving trends and fads to become a classic.  A year ago, the new kid in town, attracted patrons of all ages with its fancy serve-yourself style, mile of toppings, and pay by the ounce system. And, honestly, I have enjoyed my treks to Yogurt Mountain.

Now that the return of frozen yogurt has made it from California (by way of every other state in the country first) and thrived in the Magic City area, get ready! Here are a few new options moving in:

Treat Yourself
Located in the Patton Creek shopping center, this shop caught the wave early, and brings frozen custard to the table.

Yogurt Lab
Opened June 1, 2010 in Vestavia Hills. The rainbow sherbet-colored shop boasts some gourmet treats and toppings will support other local businesses. More locations are in the works – for Trussville and Tuscaloosa. Read about them here or like them on Facebook.

Tutti Fruitti

Replacing one of the Starbucks that didn’t survive the cutbacks, this place in SoHo Homewood is dangerously close to TCBY and SoHo Sweets, but there just might be enough business to go around for this California-based chain.

32 Degrees
If you are willing to brave the traffic in the newest and most northern section of the Summit, 32 degrees will soon await you. The sign says so. That’s the only information I can find on the place other than this agenda item for a Mtn Brook City Council meeting: Conditional use approval for 32 Degrees, a yogurt bar, located at the Piggly-Wiggly Shopping Center in Crestline Village – Dana Hazen. Could it be there will be more than one of these also?

UPDATE: Visit this story on for more information. Also, 32 Degrees is listed in the new store list for the Summit here.

Red Mango

First launched 2003 in South Korea, the company opened the first US store in 4 years later in California (of course). There are now over 60 stores nationwide. There are plans for 3 stores in the Birmingham area eventually.

I just hope we haven’t scared Pinkberry away!

So, go forth, cool down, and eat frozen yogurt (as if you have a choice in the matter). Let me know if there is a winner or loser in this suddenly competitive and booming market.


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