learn. watch. give. secrets shadowed by sports.

Forgive the brief lapse in posts, but real life demands that some times. I’ll try to pick up where I left off.

The USA made it to the round of 16 thanks to Landon Donovan’s beautiful goal (a great team effort, really) that I watched in a group of 8 people hovering over a 3 inch screen. I’ve never been so thankful for mobile tv. But since the team has been eliminated and we have been forced to watch the rest of the world play out the remainder of the tournament, I am taking the time to shed some light on the darkness that surrounds international sporting events.

During the winter Olympics in Vancouver, I read an article (link below) that saddened and shocked me: human trafficking and the sex trade experience an upsurge in correlation with major sporting events. I think I was more shocked by my ignorance than the facts. When considering the evil that is so evident in the world and the fact that humans have hurt each other from the beginning of time, it was logical news. Why had I never thought about it before? Perhaps the celebration, the achievement, and the spirit of peaceful competition cover the shadows so well, secrets thrive.  

Rather than report my own perspective on the situation, I’d like to point you to other sources.

A video and article worth your while:
Outside The Lines: Human Trafficking And The World Cup 

Articles from Relevant Magazine:
The Olympics’ Dirty Little Secret
World Cup’s Ugly Side 

Obviously, human trafficking is not just a World Cup problem or an Olympic problem. It’s a problem for all of us, all of the time. Here are some of the organizations that are fighting a good fight. Do your research. Get to know them. Find others. Do what you can to fight slavery and abuse like this around the world.

International Justice Mission
She Dances
Freedom to Thrive
Not For Sale


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