tell me what to do. favorite apps.

I am attempting to emerge from the dark ages, and recently upgraded from this:


  to this:  

In a world where most are reviewing the iPad and whatever is next, it seems terribly anticlimactic for me to count this as news. I am well aware the update was way overdue, but to be honest my first iPod never disappointed me. The hardshell case I had kept it in great shape. It seemed to hold endless amounts of music (considering there was no space required for cover art, apps, and video). Though I did start to notice the battery not lasting quite as long as it used to, it never left me totally stranded. Therefore, I will not abandon it. I’m just ready to explore new territory.

My new purchase opens up the world of video and games and apps – a world I have yet to experience. I could very easily get lost or overwhelmed in that world, so I need your help. Please let me know your favorite apps whether for fun, for business, for learning, for boredom, etc. I just need a place to start.

Help, please.
Many thanks from someone finally trying to keep up!


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