read. the story of temple grandin.

In a previous season of my life, I toyed with the idea of studying, researching, and working with autism and people affected by it. A beloved ballet teacher’s story and babysitting her child sparked my interest in high school.  My association of dance with this mysterious diagnosis led me to consider dance therapy as possible occupation. So far, my path has not led there. Along the way, however, my interests led me to read some interesting articles and books on the subject. Among them, was the autobiography of Temple Grandin

I read Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism by Temple Grandin while in college. I was fascinated by the author’s story and explanation of her own thought process. Temple left an impression on me to say the least.

Last night, Temple made an impression on the world as her story, the subject of the HBO movie entitled (what else but) Temple Grandin, won 5 Emmy awards. Each time Temple demonstrated her grace, personality, and passion as she stood, waved to the crowd, and ultimately carried herself to the stage with gratitude that could not be held in.

I have not seen the film – the downside of not subscribing to HBO, though I was incredibly excited when I read of plans for it. I plan to see it as soon as it is available. If the stunning Claire Danes portrays Temple’s life half as well as Temple writes to us in her book (and considering her Emmy win, I’m guessing that’s the case), the insight a viewer would gain must make it worth the watching.

Until the movie is available for all, I encourage you read some of Temple Grandin’s own writing; it’s the best way to experience her brilliant, focused life and her contribution to the world and to learn so much about an often misunderstood condition.


2 responses to “read. the story of temple grandin.

  • Ashley

    My friend Abby told me about her brother-in-law/mother-in-law’s book:

    I just read your post and thought you may be interested!

    Love your blog, you are such a talented writer . . . and photographer. I just got a new camera and I’m trying to learn all of the cool features. I wish we were closer so that I could pick your brain. Let me know if you know of any good websites/books that may help me out.

    Love and miss you friend! Only 4 weeks to go for baby girl Whitt #2. I want to plan a reunion maybe for next Spring . . . I’d like to do a beach trip as Megan has suggested before but I know it may be really hard for everyone. Maybe we could just do the Parker’s cabin again.

    Hope all is well!

    • todobyamy

      Thanks for the comment and sweet thoughts!
      As for the camera, my suggestion is use it… a lot. The more you do, the more comfortable you will be. And, assuming you have a digital SLR, be brave and use the manual setting. You’ll find your favorite looks and settings for different environments and occasions. You already have amazing subjects (Lily and her sister soon, of course) so you you can’t go wrong there.
      I miss you too. Blessings in the next few weeks – I can’t believe it’s time!
      I’ll be thinking about the reunion too, and we will make it work.

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