play. take a walk downtown.

September is a wonderful time for so many reasons; however, it is this time of year, every year, in Alabama (and sometimes on a grander scale) that I become socially handicapped. In a group of any size, the conversation will inevitably turn to football. At that moment, I lose all interest and all attention. I do not know enough to learn and do not care enough to try. While I respect the role that fandom plays for most, the idea of attempting to catch up exhausts me. So instead, I slink back into the corners, take on a project or two, and have most recently found myself exploring alternate activities.

For me September means it’s time for a “walk”.

Birmingham Artwalk
Starting at 5pm today, this juried art show in its ninth year, boasts over 100 visual artists plus music, activities, and more. I got a little peek today of some of the artists setting up, and I daresay great things are in store. So before you head home from work, take the time to browse the historic loft district. (Click here for the map of the event.) This event is free apart from the artwork you will want to purchase.

You may want to make stops at Urban Standard, Charm, and What’s on 2nd while strolling one of my favorite blocks of the city.

Sidewalk Film Festival
Mark your calendar for September 24th-26th – any or all of that time. I absolutely love the environment of this festival and the opportunity it provides this city. (For my posts about last year, click here or here.) Weekend passes are $50 and totally worth, especially since this year it includes the Opening Night Film, Teenage Paparazzo, directed by Adrian Grenier. You can also get day passes, student discounts, etc. Visit the festival site for the full lineup and all the details.

Now, for those of you who do love football, do not feel excluded. It is perfectly possible to make it to both of these “walks” during the weekend and still cheer on your favorite team from your couch.

I’ll see you walking the city streets.


One response to “play. take a walk downtown.

  • Ashley

    Yeah, I tried a little . . . then I gave up and learned how to knit. Knitting has proved to be much more relaxing for me and I can still be social and camp out by the t.v.! 🙂 Love your blog friend! Miss you!

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