listen. birmingham mountain radio.

“Nothing gold can stay.”  Robert Frost and Ponyboy helped teach us that lesson long ago.

However, it is still sad when we lose things we love. I have never been one excited by change (when it is forced upon you anyway).  When television shows are cancelled or items are discontinued, I take it a little personally (even if I shouldn’t). Here are a few of my favorite things I have lost in recent years:

  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – the drama version of 30 Rock; I loved them both; alas, only one remains.
  • Everwood – Unlike Gilmore Girls, and LOST, I never felt a sense of closure with this one.
  • C2 – a half calorie soda without an aftertaste, but I guess I was the only one that felt that way; mixing Coke Zero and Coca-cola Classic just isn’t the same.
  • the Correspondent Pant from Express – the best fitting pant for me ever, hands down!
  • Fresh Ginger Lime products from Bath & Body Works – my allergy-afflicted self has to be careful with those scents, so when you find on that works you don’t want to let go
  • Cottage Living & Domino – this may be my fault because I wasn’t a subscriber, but I did love thumbing through all the issues; blogs must now suffice. But GOOD NEWS: Domino is back… online.
  • Live 100.5 – it was the best radio station for music in the Birmingham area

Understand, I do not wish to belittle the great losses of life and love; I wish only to take a moment to recognize some of my former, favorite things.

When Birmingham music lovers were robbed of Live 100.5 simply because the company was moving to an all-talk format, many were filled with grief and questions. We listeners were stirred to action, joining the Save Live 100.5 Facebook group and writing emails to anyone we could. Hopefully, the letter I wrote sums up my love for the station and explains the loss.

To the powers that be:

It was August 2008 when I stumbled across the first radio station in a very long time that kept my attention. I was in such disbelief that I even made notes of songs played in case my friends didn’t believe me. Very soon, I was listening online at work and could not bring myself to change the station in my car for fear I would never find it again.

In the year and half since, this station has become my soundtrack. I have depended heavily on Live 100.5 as a source for new, quality music. I have attended concerts and patronized advertisers.

And today, when I heard that this city I have called home for 25 years may lose the best radio station I have enjoyed yet, I could not help the shock and sincere disbelief.

I realize that in radio, as with many industries, money drives decisions. But, if there is any possible way to save Live 100.5 and keep its wonderful programming on air, I beg that we all find a way.


 I have found ways to cope with the lost television series and retail products. And today the time to mourn has given way to a time to dance, because, today, the anticipation for Birmingham-based internet radio station, The Mountain, became celebration over its launch.

Thanks to facebook fans I can just list for you the artists from the first hour of play:
Jane’s Addiction
Mumford & Sons
Band of Horses
Silversun Pickups
Pete Yorn
Remy Zero
Sara Bareilles
Mute Math
Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
Death Cab for Cutie
Ryan Bigham & The Dead Horses

To find out more about this “solution,” I suggest reading this article and visiting the station’s Facebook page.

Gold may not be able to stay, but dawn seems to come again another day!


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