listen. jill phillips and andy gullahorn’s christmas.

I realized today that the last four posts have been music related. Usually this would signal me to shift the topic to something else – maybe a holiday recipe or worthy project for you to support. However, I have been enthralled with yet another song that I am compelled to share with you. Consider this the 5th post in a series.

A little background to begin…

In 1999, Jill Phillips released a song called “I Am.” It is beautiful, and if I recall correctly, it was a divine gift given to her all at once, as a whole. I was blessed in that year and the couple years following to hear her and her husband Andy Gullahorn live. They were part of a joint show with Andrew Peterson whose album Carried Along was newly released. I remember speaking to Jill after a concert and telling her I planned to choreograph “I Am.” I still plan to (hopefully) soon, and as she requested, I plan to send her video.

I have continued to enjoy the music and talents of Jill & Andy ever since; their individual albums play frequently, and I do all I can not to miss their tour with Andrew Peterson for Behold the Lamb of God. A few weeks ago, their first official, collaborative album, Christmas, was released. The album, taken as a whole, seems to run the full spectrum of their personalities. (I say that as if we have been friends for a decade.) They avoid the overdone, bring new life to the rich but forgotten, and provide a good dose of dry and witty humor. The album is both artistic and honest. It is so easy to forget that it is a Christmas album.

Yet, it is impossible to forget that it is a Christmas album. As much as I love the season of advent and the celebration of the coming of Christ, this year I am re-learning the joy of Christ coming every day in our lives. Christmas has been a part of the reminding, especially, “I Will Find a Way.” This song, written by Andy Gullahorn and Jason Gray, echoes the quiet, bridled power to which its lyrics allude – the power in the one who pursues each of us will all His might. Don’t force the account of the first Christmas into the story it tells. Don’t force a metaphor. Just let it captivate you and inspire you to dwell on the God that is with us.

 (I hope these are correct as I transcribed them myself.)

“I Will Find A Way”
A. Gullahorn & J. Gray

At the end of this rundown tenement hall is a room of a girl I know
Who cowers behind all the deadbolt locks, afraid of the outside world
So how should I come to the one I love?
I will find a way

Many thieves and collectors have used that door, but they only brought her shame
So she won’t even open it anymore,
Still I will find a way.

I could call out her name with love through the walls, but condemnation’s all she hears.
I could break down the door and take her into my arms, but she might die from the fear
So how should I come to the one I love?
I will find a way; I will find a way
How should I come to the one I love?
I will find a way.

No hiding place ever kept her safe, so she hides inside herself.
Now to reach her heart, the only way is to hide in there as well.
I will hide in there as well.

She gave up on love waiting for a change, but a change is coming soon.
‘Cause how could she not love the helpless babe that is waking in her whom?
Oh I found a way.
Oh I found a way.

She’ll know I am coming before I am here.
When she hangs her head, she’ll see me there,
And then when I come, she will not turn away.
All the beauty and joy will return to her face
And what of that loneliness? Now it is gone –
lost in the bond of a mother and son.
Every sin that she suffered at the hands of men,
Every single disgrace will be washed clean again.
I will love her completely, and when I am grown,
I’ll carry her out of that tenement room.
I’m doing a new thing, and soon you will see
I’m coming among you and my name shall be…. 


Since I wrote this post, a conversation with the writers has been posted here. Please read it as I am sure their comments are more accurate and important than mine.


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