tell me what to do. in 2011.

It’s the 4th day of Christmas, and while most are busy reviewing the year past and resolving to do new things in the New Year, I’m recovering from a violent stomach virus. Unfortunately, this kept me from attending my extended family Christmas celebration (I missed you all more than you know). In my more immediate family, I wasn’t the only one who suffered being sick. In fact, it was a Tamiflu Christmas for all of us, some taking it for treatment and some for prevention. Despite all of that, I loved every second of my nephew’s first Christmas. It was quite a gift to be under one roof for several days.

So, what am I to do with this recovery time? Review? Resolve? Maybe both. But while I work on those, I’m also going to do some research. I need your help and feedback.

COMMENT – Leave comments and tell me what you want me to do! Do you want more recommendations for what to watch? Eat? Read? Want more recommendations from guests? Do you need reminders? Wish there were more pictures? Wish there was more about Birmingham? Other locations? You tell me. I’ll listen and see what I can do.


Thanks everyone!


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