save. find your favorite freebie.

As my indecisive nature so often wins out, I am incredibly grateful for your responses to the poll from the last post.  It looks like the New Year is a good time to do a little more reading, learning, creating, giving, and saving. Of course, I hope that I can recommend ways for you to do the same. I’m not setting specific goals or making sweeping resolutions; I’m taking one day at a time and looking ahead with great hope to the unknown.

Don’t forget that as I consider what to do in 2011, I welcome your input, anytime.

Let’s begin with some ways to save.

Thanks to 2 of my favorite things (more like Oprah than Sound of Music), and Real Simple, I’ve been reminded there are hidden freebies all over the web. Lately, I’ve been exploring’s free music selections, and Project Gutenberg may just make this the year I finally finish Little Women (I know, I know). Find the freebie that fits you in this article totally worth reading or re-reading.

I have a few more favorite ways to save up my sleeve, but I want to know: what are your secrets and favorite freebies?


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