visit. love post. four.

I have nothing to offer readers regarding the love shared between husband and wife. I have observed many marriage relationships. I am blessed to know generations of lifelong marriages in my family, and I am grateful for the friends who have shared their authentic experiences and taught me so very much. Each exposure has kept the dreamer in me from idealizing while proving to the realist in me what is worth the work.

The Loerkes are not my personal friends (though they do remind me of them). They are two imperfect people, married to one another for 6 years, and on a great adventure. They do not claim to be experts or to have all the answers. They use their talents, creativity, and experience to share an important perspective with the world (and entertain in the process). So, in the spirit of their blog, Today’s Letters:

Dear Loerkes,
Thank you for your letters, links, fist pumps, and photos. They serve as both distraction and encouragement; both are good things most of the time. A fist pump and leg kick to you. Enjoy the years ahead. I’ll read as long as you share.

Things you may want to add to your To Do list:

To those of you with infinitely more knowledge and wisdom than myself, I ask for your recommendations as well! Please share.


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