read. early word.

An endless number of sources seem to exist on which any reader might base their next selection. Many turn to bestsellers, award winners, Oprah, Amazon, a friend or their librarian for a recommendation. I realized recently, I have been reading for the movies. I re-read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in preparation for the movie. On my bedside table now, is The Help. Admittedly, a movie deal does not guarantee great literature. (I can think of a few vampire-themed novels as examples.) However, the interest of a filmmaker can point us to of-the-moment works that in a few months will be passed over for the less taxing, likely abridged visual version.

In looking for more information about soon-to-be movies, I discovered Early Word. As explained on the site, Early Word “is a Blog and Web site on a mission — to give libraries the earliest information possible on the books their customers will be looking for, so they can stay ahead of demand. By giving readers what they want, when they want it, we believe libraries can increase their circulation and their support.”

The beauty of this public site is that librarians are not the only ones with access. A reader may find this as a great source for discovering upcoming releases as well.

There are 5 pages in particular for those reading for the movies. 

Books to Movies — In Development
Books to Movies — In Production
Books to Movies — Now Playing
Books to Movies — On DVD with Tie-ins
Books to Movies — Upcoming

Once you start exploring, you will find so much more than the early bird’s worm. And, once armed with the knowledge from the site, you can head straight to your local library.


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