learn. see the world differently.

The 2010 Census data is being released for individual states. Alabama’s statistics came out this week. In terms of population, Birmingham shrank in the past decade, while the surrounding areas gained what the still-largest-but-not-by-much city in Alabama lost. Personally, this week has had a more international theme, as I have learned about the efforts of many individuals residing around the world. Some of them are working with the impoverished and ill, the least of these, who need love and care.

All that information reminded me of a website I found around the time I read The Hole in Our Gospel.

WorldMapper.org contains a collection of hundreds of maps, but these are not maps for learning capital cities or topography. These maps are actually “equal-area cartograms” or “density-equalizing maps”. For any category, the image reflects the numbers, and the visual can be quite staggering. From what I can tell the data are a few years old, but the overall representation still holds.  Here are some that made an impression on me. (Click on the map for a more detailed poster.)

Projected Population for 2050

HIV Prevalence

Absolute Poverty (Less that $2 a Day)

Projected Wealth for 2015

Does this change how you see the world?


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