create. play. pinterest.

Make fun all you want, but one of my favorite things when I was little was my “cut box.” “What is that?” you ask. Let me explain.

To a small child, a large cardboard box can be many things – a fort, a castle, a sailboat, or any other figment of one’s imagination. But after all the battles waged, towers explored, and seas navigated, my box docked in the play area, a pair of red & white safety scissors fastened to the corner. Littering the bottom of the box were magazines, catalogs, junk mail, scrap paper and a notebook or two. It was in that box that my parents so brilliantly contained the mess I made while cutting out pictures of my favorite things and gluing them on the pages of notebooks.

A few months ago, I discovered, and I have decided it is my grown-up, online cut box.  In more broadly accepted terms, Pinterest is virtual inspiration boards and a place to share them.

Pinterest may also need to come with a surgeon general’s warning as it is incredibly addictive, though I do not know yet know the long term effects one may suffer from over-pinning or simply staring at the mottled beauty of the homepage.

Here are some clever new terms you should know:

Pin·terest (pĭn’trĭst): n. a social catalog to collect and share things you love
Pin (pĭn): n. an item you post to a pinboard
Pin·ter·view: n. conversations with members of the pinterest community.

I’m personally still getting used to pinning, but you can follow my beginning boards here. Just be sure to climb out of your “cut box” every once in a while.


2 responses to “create. play. pinterest.

  • Emily

    oooooh it does look really fun and all those creative types on the tweeter that I follow seem to enjoy pinning. hmmmm oh dear just one more thing to get me on my computer.

  • christen

    ames, the bird pillow is amazing, i know you can make one of those! oh, i have a bad feeling i might get sucked into pintrest afterall – yikes!


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