give. create. homemade gifts.

I realize St. Patrick’s Day is not a gift-giving holiday, but I was reminded this morning that I failed to share some important gifts given last Christmas among friends. I thought today would be as good a day as any to post about them.  It was a penny-pinching season (and still is), so some friends and I declared our gift swap a homemade Christmas.

Here are the prized gifts I received, but it is the friends that gave them I treasure most.

Peaches gave me a beautiful a green feathered headband (aka “Fascinator”). As a bonus, it makes one un-pinchable in any outfit.

Feathered Headband

Personalized magnets from Ashley.

Handmade Magnets

Prints of a most memorable day from Emily.

photo by Rob Ingram

Christen designed a luggage tag for me & filled a mason jar with fond memories.


Luggage Tag

Memory Jar

Our Homemade Christmas turned out to be one of the best. I particularly enjoyed every step of creating coasters for all of them – from selecting the fabric to tying the bow. I followed this tutorial and was very pleased with how they turned out. Next time I plan to experiment a little.

Coasters - Sets of 4


just another view

For your next occasion, try your hand at the homemade.


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