eat. strawberry shortcake cupcakes.

This weekend I had a rare bit of time on my hands, too many strawberries, and a sweet tooth. What else would one do with all that but make cupcakes?  I didn’t complicate things too much on my first strawberry cake attempt. I just used a basic cake recipe, but folded in a few sliced strawberries. And I made a basic buttercream icing, but added a hint of cream cheese. And Voila! You have cupcakes reminisenct of my childhood favorite (okay, okay…obsession). I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

As for my 4 year old self’s obsession, I’m pretty sure I would have lived in the Berry Garden House if possible. Instead I settled for the miniature version, the canopy and bedspread, the dolls and tricycle and books and TV tray. I had at least one Strawberry Shortcake birthday party and halloween costume. Then there were the items I forced to be Strawberry Shortcake-themed. When I couldn’t find a Strawberry Shortcake Christmas ornanment, we made one. And when I asked Santa for a Strawberry Shortcake guitar, the elves got pretty crafty. My friendship with Strawberry Shortcake lasted for a few years, a large percentage of my life at the time. Eventually, though she and all her friends did get packed away. A few years later, I shared her with my cousin and when it was time, packed it all up again.


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