give. create. another homemade gift.

It was about a year ago when I borrowed my grandmother’s sewing machine. I have yet to return it. I have made pillow covers, a table runner, coasters, scented and deodorizing sachets, and pin cushions.  One of these days I’ll graduate to clothing; that has been a goal of mine all along. For now, here is a look at another handmade gift, commissioned for the nursery of a friend’s precious baby girl, and now at home on the glider.

This was my first attempt at pleating ever. Every experience is a learning experience.

Tacked Pleat

I imagine it is important for a pillow for a nursery have an easy-to-remove-and-clean cover, so I decided to go with an envelope pillow cover.  Don’t look too closely. My seams aren’t perfect (don’t tell my grandmother), but they work.

For a great video tutorial on how to make this kind of cover, click here.

Envelope Pillow Cover - Back

It didn’t hurt that my friend and new mom selected a beautiful fabric. The finished product.

Envelope Pillow Cover - Front

I would love your recommendations for other tutorials or types of pillows to try. Dare I say, it may be time to brave a zipper?!


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