to do turns two.

Happy Birthday Blog! I sure hope you don’t go through the terrible twos!


In 2009, I resolved to write more often. My occasional journal entries made about as much sense as my dreams and often ended with a rogue pen mark down the page indicating the point I fell fast asleep. Clearly, that would not be the appropriate forum for my new discipline. I needed accountability, and maybe, an audience.

A blog seemed the perfect alternative, but I needed ground rules to keep me from violating my own privacy and to guard any readers (and myself, really) from the melancholic voice in my head.

For a certain milestone birthday, my mother, sister-in-law, and I traveled to New York City. Though I couldn’t believe it had taken so long for me to make the trip, I embraced the preparations. I emailed friends and family asking for their recommendations. Where should we go? What should we see? Where should we eat? What should we do? Armed with many suggestions, a few books, and the knowledge I gained from watching a documentary on the city (I know; I’m a total nerd), we had a tremendous trip, full of adventure. On my return home, I found myself hoping to share my experiences and finds, wanting to recommend my favorite experiences to others.

That was it – the light bulb moment. The concept was practical, positive, and personal. And so began my blog, To Do By Amy.

I am grateful to those of you who read. Knowing people visit the site on occasion keeps me writing. And as a bonus, you have also kept me exploring and doing. This would be a totally different blog if I sat at home, keeping myself company.

As I begin another year of posts, I am eager to discover new things to do and share them with you. The unknown is exciting, but I am not without a few ideas. Look for more to do in Birmingham and more images (they may just be worth a thousand words). In fact, I have added a page titled Aspect by Amy, with a few of my favorites from the recent past. I am open to your ideas too, but I won’t know what they are unless you tell me.

This anniversary seemed an appropriate time to update the look of To Do By Amy. I liken it to buying a new journal – I just hope that I find the blank pages ahead more inspiring than intimidating.

Many thanks to all the browsers, surfers, readers, mobile device owners, friends, and family that have bookmarked, subscribed, stumbled upon, clicked, and read.

Here’s to more,
Amy D


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