listen. easter music.

During the Advent and Christmas season, it is rare I am not listening to the music associated with the holiday – some secular, mostly sacred.  Then, the New Year comes followed by Spring.  Dogwoods bloom, a sign of new life and the days that lead Holy Week or Passion Week, and finally Resurrection Sunday.

I feel confident the music has been made. I have heard so much of it over my life. Yet, it seems much less accessible. Perhaps it is much easier to listen to songs about a sweet baby that brought hope and light into the world than it is about that boy grown into a man dying a brutal and cruel death because of our sin. But the two events don’t mean so much without each other, and a little extra effort to find the amazing music that speaks to us at Easter is completely worth it.

Here is what I have decided to listen to this week:

I’ll start with Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God – because the beginning is a good place to start. For a better understanding of the turning point in any story, isn’t it best to know how you got there.

Then I’ll move to this playlist I created for my family members a few years ago. Many selections are sentimental and some are more recent additions; they all help tell the next chapter of the story.

“The Final Word” by Michael Card

“The Basin and the Towel” by Michael Card

“Come To the Table” by John Michael Talbot

“The Bread of Life” by John Micheal Talbot

“Watch the Lamb” by Ray Boltz

“Via Dolorosa” by Sandi Patti

“Thief” by Third Day

“When I Survey” by Iona

“Amazing Grace” by Mark O’Connor (instrumental)

“Hallowed” by Jennifer Knapp

“Nothing But the Blood” by Jars of Clay feat. Blind Boys of Alabama

“Morning Has Broken” by Second Chapter of Acts

“He’s Alive” by Don Francisco

“Rise and Shine” by Andrew Peterson

“Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” by Glad

“All Things New” by Watermark

“Easter Song” by Keith Green

 I feel like I will be adding to this playlist for years to come.

And to bookend it, I’ll go with Andrew Peterson’s Resurrection Letters – Vol 2 – because the resurrection didn’t end with Christ’s but began there. I am redeemed and given new life everyday and the album reminds me of that.

I’m eager to add to my playlist. What do you suggest?


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