create. a living space.

Poor, neglected blog and patient readers. I have been preoccupied with the business of life, including making my apartment livable again… FINALLY! When my roommate moved out last year, she took her pieces of the living room furniture with her. I was left with my media cabinet, foyer table, and a set of aqua curtains.


It has taken me a while figure out what to do with the space. I love the colors combination of  orange and gray and decided it would work well with what I had thanks to these inspiring images.


Of course I have my limitations, namely, budget and rental agreement. Keeping in mind that I could not paint walls or spend more than I had, I was off to search for some much needed seating.  I narrowed many gray sofas down to few just by price, before I finally decided on this.


With one big decision made, I just found myself faced with many more. Finding accent chairs in the perfect shade and shape had its challenges.

 In the meantime, I found a much more affordable version of these at Furnitureland South Outlet inNorth Carolina.


And finally some new inventory appeared in the way of chairs.


I chose option 2. Two chairs for the price of one of the other. I couldn’t turn that down.


That is what I have to work with currently, minus my not pictured pillows out of the fabrics above. Now, who wants to help me find a rug and some artwork? I’m totally open to suggestions and opinions? What else am I missing? Tell me what to do!

Sources & Shopping:

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3 responses to “create. a living space.

  • Kelly strickland

    Amy, I have found one of the cheapest, most unique ways to claim a space with color is through knobs. Anthro has some beautiful choices, but world market usually has the same options for half off. Just a thought…

  • Alison

    hey! we have the Ektorp sofa from Ikea and we love it! super comfy!

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