watch. sytycd guest judges.

…well, some of them.

My travels this summer put me a bit behind in my summer television programs. I was quite pleased with the results of So You Think You Can Dance this season. And while I am a bit behind the times, I do want to comment on one element – the judges.

These dancers were excellent. With each season it seems technique and talent improve, making the job of judging more difficult, but I was a bit disappointed in the lack of constructive criticism offered this year. The judges feedback has always been one of my favorite elements of SYTYCD. It is a large part of why I prefer this show to other reality dance competitions. I have always trusted their evaluations and opinions, but something got lost this season. Was it the absence of Adam Shankman and Mia Michaels? Perhaps. Was it the return of Mary Murphy (whose shrill screams may have just deafened me to some quality commentary)? Likely. But I would also say that the guest judges were very hit or miss. Though we weren’t voiting on the judges, and I know, no one asked, I’m offering my rankings anyway for anyone who might be interested.

10. Carmen Electra>> Travis Wall judged this night. Did we really need Carmen too?
9. Katie Holmes>> I’m sure she’s doing great work with Dizzy Feet, but I would have skipped through these redundant comments if I was watching on DVR. She did look pretty.
8. Megan Mullally>> It’s not that Megan’s comments were bad, it’s just that she was first and unfortunately, not really memorable.
7. Neil Patrick Harris>> I had high hopes for NPH, but it seemed he was taking this job way too seriously. And there were a few too many shameless plugs of self-promotion.
6. Debbie Reynolds>> I love Debbie, especially as Kathy and Tammy. She was entertaining, but I had to rank her low because I felt like this was all about entertainment, not the dancers.
5. Kristin Chenoweth>> Aside from the shutting of doors and snogging Lil’ C, I don’t remember much else. However, she was entertaining as always.
4. Rob Marshall & Kenny Ortega >> This is the tie of the directors. Rob Marshall offered some great comments but they were a little lost in the shadow of Lady Gaga’s. Kenny Ortega seemed more like a coach than a judge, but I would work for Kenny in a heartbeat given the chance.
3. Jesse Tyler Ferguson>> Humble and hilarious. And maybe as excited as I would be to be there.
2. Lady Gaga>> I must admit I haven’t followed Gaga’s career very closely. Because of her comments, that were insightful and constructive, I gained a good deal of respect for her as an artist. She focused well on the dancers and acknowledged the choreographers when needed.
1. Christina Applegate>> Best guest judge, hands down. Christina managed to prove her knowledge of the dance world by doing her job as a judge. Her use of terminology was accurate, not pompous. She made us laugh and cry. She even called out the dancers for relying on tricks. Thank you Christina for being a fan and a judge and taking us out on a high note. 

So for next season, if you bring back guest celebrity judges, let’s keep it like these top 5 or so. Since my opinion matters so much.

Thanks Cat Deeley for reigning all these and more in each night. Here’s to your Emmy nom and hope for your win!


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