shop. give. fashionABLE.

Much to my grandmother’s chagrin, I have never been a “jewelry person”. My ears aren’t pierced. And honestly, when it comes to accessorizing, I just don’t.  On those days I force myself to wear a necklace or bracelet, the pieces usually make their way into a pocket or purse by the end of the day due to annoyance. Bags and shoes, on the other hand, own my closet. Then, in college, I learned the value of a scarf. Scarves have now joined the rank of shoes and bags and are my favorite (often only) accessory.

Today, while listening to Ellie Holcombe’s new EP (which I highly recommend) and exploring her website, I read the word “scarves” and compulsively followed the link to FashionABLE.

This is what I found:

I just can’t resist these beautiful scarves that enABLE these women to…

be confident.
feel dignity in [their] work.
send [a] son to school

FashionABLE is a new (almost one year old) project by the founder of The Mocha Club which has been around since 2005. Check out their efforts as well to understand how this nonprofit aids in the creation of healthy and sustainable living for so many who are capable but caught in a vicious cycle.

As fall approaches, temperatures drop, and the holidays approach, keep these products in mind. Giving these as a gift would mean giving so much more!

P.S. Find a retailer near you: or order this Friday and get free shipping:!


One response to “shop. give. fashionABLE.

  • christen

    looks like I know what to get you for Christmas! 🙂 kidding, but these are great. LOVE. thanks for sharing! i might have to “repurpose” for my own blog 🙂


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