read. night night birmingham.

In the years before college and those following, I often thought I would move away from Birmingham, at least for a season of life. A decade has past and that season has yet to come,  but I love my home. The more I learn and experience, the more I appreciate it. In quite the opposite way, Birmingham has been home for very little of my brother’s adulthood. After a year or so here, he and his family moved oceans away (for really great reasons).  Most likely, my nephew will not remember much of his first year and time in Birmingham, but my family wants him to feel at home whenever they visit – few and far between those visits may be.

As I was walking the blocks of Artwalk a few months ago, I found a great way to send him Birmingham.  


Written by Laurel Mills and illustrated by Michelle Hazelwood Hyde, Night Night Birmingham takes its readers on a virtual tour of area landmarks and activities. I love the color scheme suggesting twilight. It’s calming. Yet, these illustrations depict children exploring the city in a fantastical way, and I am ready to join them. While I have been to or seen most of these sights, it’s time to visit the rest.  

Birmingham was not the only thing I wanted to send my nephew. I wanted to send hugs too. You can only hug your laptop while on Skype so many times before it gets weird, so I set out to create a huggable companion to this book. Inspired by a certain owl keeping an eye on the adventure, I made this little guy.

If you are a professional procrastinator, you might still be able to get this book at a local business as a gift for Christmas! Check out the website for a list of sellers. If you have finished your Christmas shopping, good for you! You now have a great item for birthday gifts in 2012.


One response to “read. night night birmingham.

  • Jan Kennamer Hart


    You are a super aunt – and I love what you made for your nephew!!

    I hope you have a joyous Christmas with your family and friends!

    Love you!


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