listen. seryn.

Sometimes the internet feels like a treasure hunt. This feeling is usually retroactive as I really feel aimless clicking one link after another until I find the treasure I wasn’t consciously looking for.  A few months ago, I clicked a certain spot marked X on the internet map and found Seryn.  Their harmonies, reminiscent of Sacred Harp music, and their instrumentation, suggestive of Celtic and tribal music and more, were hypnotizing. Now, I share the same video introductionwith you. (And yes, you get to hear the correct pronunciation of “Seryn.”)

Immediately after watching, I wanted to see them live. And almost as immediately, I told a fellow fan of such music that they were required listening. In another serendipitous internet moment, I found out they were playing locally. There was no question we were going to this concert. I was mesmerized by seamless exchanges of instruments and the room these songs left for me, the listener, to process and ponder. Listen and consider for yourself below.

Go see a show!


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