save. on tunes and apps.

I think I am the last one standing in my demographic without an iPhone. I know this because my text inbox fills up 10 times faster than it used to. If you see me in any line, waiting for anything, I’m most likely deleting texts often from people I don’t know who replied all to an iPhone group message.  Other evidence includes the number of Instagram pictures in my twitter feed and all those emails with the automatic signature “Sent from my iPhone.”

I am not judging iPhone users; I often wish I was one of you. I weighed the options, and I just can’t justify the ongoing cost of a smartphone at this point in time. The good news is I have an iPod Touch, so on occassion, I get to experience joys of apps. And there is more good news, most of what I have was free. In fact, my most recent downloads include 1 book, 5 apps, and 2 songs that together are valued at just under $20. Thanks to Starbucks and these little cards, my total was $0.

Pick of the Week now offering Apps, Books, TV, Music, and More!

These little gems that were previously free songs (still of great value), now include codes for Apps, TV episodes, and book samples. If you are leaving a Starbucks establishment without the current freebie, chances are you are missing out because chances are, you have an iPhone (or like me, an iPod Toch).  If a Starbucks location is no where to be found, explore the Free on iTunes section in the iTunes Store each week.


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