listen. josh garrels.

Several friends have requested that I recommend some new music/musicians to them. In answering them, I realized how many great finds I have withheld from you lately. My apologies. I started with Seryn the other day, but next on the music list is Josh Garrels. This man has been making music for a while, but I confess, I did not know his work until I downloaded his album, Love And War And The Sea In Between, in June of last year. Even then, I didn’t give this 18-track work the attention it deserved. On a road trip home in January, I listened. And then I listened again. And every time I listen there is a new layer to discover, a new lyric to appreciate, a new rhythm to adopt. This is quality music – the kind you retire to the music room to listen to. It is incredibly meaningful.

I would recommend this album regardless the cost, but as it turns out, Josh Garrels is giving this one away. No really, click here and download. To read the story behind why it’s free, click here. And to get to know the artist, watch this.


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