Aspect By Amy

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To look at a photo is many things – one of them is to see life from another’s viewpoint or aspect. I think this is why I spend so much time browsing photography websites, books, exhibits, magazines, and any other source of pictures. It is my chance to see life through someone else’s eyes. Perhaps now, it is time for me to share my own glimpse of the world.  Thanks to several friends who have been so kind as to indulge my love for photography, I have been able to capture a few moments for them and practice, practice, practice my own skills. I cannot help but share some of my favorite images.

Travel Images – Salzburg, Austria

Travel Images – Vienna, Austria

Wedding Images – Homewood, AL

 Family Portraits – Birmingham, AL

Wedding Images – Montevallo, AL
Visit the bride’s blog: Redesign That
Official Wedding Photography: Rob Ingram Weddings

Family Portraits – Birmingham, AL 

Travel Images – Charleston, SC
See one of the above images featured in SC Biz: Issue 3, Page 10

Engagement Portraits – Birmingham, AL

Family Portraits – Hoover, AL

Family Portraits – Birmingham, AL


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